XHTML. Recommendations for the modern web creation are keeped during web sites generation. Hierarchically strucured source code is written in the XHTML 1.0 strict standard. Source code suits the requests W3C - XHTML.

Thanks to the content and the design separation, all texts are accessible for alternative browsers too (e.g. audio scanner for sightless, mobile phones, PDA, etc.).

CSS - styles. Web sites design is created using cascade styles - CSS due to which content is separated from the design.

Web sites text is aligned in a grating and a golden cut is employed in dividing of the text into columns.

Web sites are identically displayed by the most common used browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari). CSS print style enabling economical printing without needless grafical items is also part of the web site.

JavaScript and Ajax. Using unobtrusive JavaScript and Ajax, web sites behavior is getting closer to the behavior of desktop applications (WEB 2.0).

Text version. Web is accesible with inactive pictures, cascade styles and JavaScript.

Control by keyboard. The basic navigation is realized through keyboard abbreviation:
 Alt+2…Teaching activities
 Alt+5…Other activities

Choosing the best offer is possible through Tab and Enter, and through horizontal arrows for photo album.