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Department of Physics - research interests

About research


The research carried out at the Department is mostly concerned with the utilization of acoustic and optical wave processes for the investigation of condensed matter. The Acoustic Group uses a wide range of ultrasonic techniques as well as acousto-electric and acousto-optic phenomena and techniques to investigate semiconductors, metals, and ferroelectric materials. Also wave phenomena are studied in their own right.

The Optical Group studies physical properties of the conventional telecommunications optic fibers, twin core optic fibers, photonic crystal fibers, biological photonic structures, and semiconductor laser diodes based on quantum wells. Self-diffraction of light in magnetic fluids and photorefractive phenomenon v in selected condensed matter materials are also studied within the group.

Lately the research program of the Department has been extended to the area of theoretical high-energy physics. The focus of the High-Energy Physics Group lies in phenomenology of the Standard model of electroweak interactions and beyond. Particularly, the models of electroweak symmetry breaking are studied.

The research groups of the Department achieved good level of expertise and became well known abroad. The scientific activities of the Department are regularly ­presented at the international conferences and are published in  domestic and international scientific and professional journals.