Strategic grant: 22010345

Engineering platform and cooperation in area of nanocomposites

We stand in the era of nanocomposites, that can be applied in almost every field and help save natural resources. In the field of electrical engineering, nanoparticles improve the electrical parameters of materials for use of the high voltage direct current (HVDC) cable lines and power transformers. The application of nanocomposites could be developing new transmission lines development that is a problem in middle Europe. This new technology is however very demanding and requires study of the interactions of the insulating material with HVDC and proper diagnostics approach development. The development of cooperation is based on pillars, exchange lectures of experts at each partner, and the division of diagnostic methods and analyzes according to the equipment and focus of the workplace. The knowledge of the team in this area will be applied to the industry area. In the field of new types of materials, we have already studied the dielectric and thermal properties of polymers and their mixtures with nanoparticles. These nanocomposites showed interesting changes suitable for application use. For determining the degree of degradation of insulating elements of the transformers will be proposed new measuring procedures and diagnostic methods.