Nanomaterials for electrical engineering

on-line seminar: 17.3. – 28.4. 2021 – announcement

17. March 2021 – link

Pavel Trnka Pilsen University, Czech republic: “Dielectric liquids, history, diagnostic and issue of nanofluids” pdf

Jaroslav Hornak, Pilsen University, Czech republic: “Nanostructured potting compounds with enhanced material properties” pdf

31. March 2021 – link

Tomasz N. Koltunowic Lublin University of Technology, Poland: “Production, research and application of metal-dielectric nanocomposites on the example of (FeCoZr)x(CaF2)(100-x) nanocomposites” link

Miroslav Gutten University of Žilina, Slovakia: Diagnostic of power transformers and their insulation materials“ link

14. April 2021 – link

Adam Tamus: Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary: ”Measurement of dielectric response as a tool for insulation diagnosis and material characterisation link

Jozef Kúdelčík University of Žilina, Slovakia: “Acoustic and dielectric diagnostic of insulation materials” link

28. April 2021 – link

Štefan Hardoň University of Žilina, Slovakia: “The dielectric spectroscopy of epoxy resin with nanoparticles “ link

Pavel Trnka Pilsen University, Czech republic: Using the aging models for modern EIS lifetime prediction“ link